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These are links from a facebook page I really enjoy.  If you’d like to check it out on facebook it’s called Visit Japan. They have obviously sourced and collected the articles and clips from various other places.

Latest Addition


Sometimes the Japanese love to use English in their advertising campaigns and get it horribly wrong! or Japlish!


16) Summer in Japan – Things you can’t miss

Summer in Japan is hot and humid but there are many wonderful things to see and do. It is a prime time for fabulous festivals and fireworks.

15) Onsen – Hotsprings 

The quintessential Japanese experience! I love Japanese hotsprings.For many foreigners the thought of bathing naked with strangers is some what off putting but if you can make it through your initial embarrassment  and break through that discomfort zone you will have a uniquely Japanese experience! You can check out my earlier post on Onsen etiquette. Some insider info may make you feel braver!

14) Rice Paddy Art

This is something I seriously want to see one day! Different varieties of rice are planted very cleverly and turn the rice paddy into a giant canvas. I think it is so impressive! Check this blog out and judge for yourself!


13) Narita san – A lovely Temple

Narita san is very close to Narita airport. If you find yourself with an extra afternoon or morning before departure you can leave your luggage at the airport and visit Narita san. There is a lovely little street leading up to the temple for last minute food adventures or souvenir shopping.

12) Seasonal Flower Viewing – June Hydrangeas

I am definitely going to try and visit some of these places over the coming few weeks!

11) Food!!!!!!

Japanese cuisine is varied and delicious. Regional and seasonal specialties abound. I encourage you to be adventurous and try as many different dishes as possible. This link may help you make up your hit list! Check out my blog posts for My take on Japanese food too.

10) Spring time in Japan

Time to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms. Check out this Huffington Post article and remember to check out my 2 blog posts.

9)Snow festival in Sapporo

I went last year. The theme was the Sochi Winter Olympics. Amazing sculptures. This year it is Star Wars. Looks incredible!!!!

8) Only in Japan

Some of these things are now seen overseas but its a good general overview. Several of the things are the topics of my blogs.

7) A New Bullet train line and destinations starting from March 2014

6) 50 places to visit in Japan


I visited Hokkaido in February last year for the Yuki Matsuri or the Snow festival. It was well worth the visit. Cold but well worth it!

4) Sumo.

I love the sumo and if possible always take visiting guests to a tournament. My fascination for fat men in nappies is a post waiting to happen.

3) Alternative transport to school? Avoid the crowded train? Only in Japan!

Amazon Japan selling $1 million comic book-like mechanical suits

2) Tokyo Station and sweets

1) Takayama. A very nice place to visit.


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