You Tube Clips about Japan

The following clips are all available on You Tube.

1) An excellent Documentary by National Geographic broken into 5 sections on how to make Samurai Katana or Samurai swords. If you want to pursue this further search these clips you will find many more.

2) Music. The Yoshida Brothers. These young guys play a very traditional Japanese instrument called the Shamisen. It is a three stringed instrument and if it had to be compared to a western instrument I suppose it would be a banjo. When visiting foreign countries I like to try and find some of their traditional music but often it is so foreign it is hard to appreciate it. These guys play a modern kind of rock using the traditional instrument.

3) Food! Many foreigners struggle with Japanese food. Some feel it is very bland and lacks flavour. I probably felt this way when I first came to Japan many years ago. However now I find I can appreciate the  many subtle flavours. Many dishes are very delicate but have layer after layer of tastes that all culminate in the final product. The seasonality of Japanese food is a huge feature of Japanese cuisine. Local produce and regional specialties are well known and respected. The presentation of food is almost an art form in itself. This time round in Japan my big find has been a cooking class in Tokyo called Nippon- GO. I  love learning about the food, how it is prepared and the cultural links behind it.  The following is a 10 episode documentary series that will interest foodies and people with an interest in Japan. It is hosted by Adam Liaw who won Australia’s Master Chef in 2010. He works his way down japan from the north.

4) Tokyo Revealed. This is a little dated as demonstrated by the Cell phones being used but still has a lot of relevant sights and points.

5) 25 Things to do in Tokyo

A nice little clip, I take my friends to a lot of these places. worth a look.

6) Springtime in Japan

Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms down in Kyoto. Please check out my Photo Essay Blog Posts of the Cherry blossoms in Tokyo!

7) Vending Machines in Tokyo

8) Traditional musical instruments, the Shakuhachi a bamboo flute and the Koto, a Japanese harp playing Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal

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