I find myself here.

Back in Japan after a 15 year hiatus away. Loving it some days wondering if I am stark raving bonkers on others.

I was here in the late 80s through to 97.  Ahh the bubble days, good money, youthful energy, party time, and just going with the flow, never really asking why? and thought I knew it all.

Now its 2013, I am back,  a little older, possibly wiser because I now realise I dont know it all, including how to get a damn apostrophe or an @ mark on on this Japanese keyboard [I copied and pasted the @ mark from my gmail account] I get  square [brackets ] when I hit the @ mark on the keyboard and buggered if I can figure out how to get the rounded brackets!  ! So please excuse the dreadful punctuation and weird typos!

Basically I have come to the conclusion, the more I think I know, the less I actually understand.

So this I think is where this blog is going, my little rants and observations about life in Japan, the good and the bad, the weird and the wonderful, the mundane and the exciting, the ironic and confusing all as a foreign woman in Japan , it’s [oh my goodness there it is an ‘ !!!I just needed to push the @ and there is the @ mark, I was aiming for speech marks! and as I was saying push the star button and you get an apostrophe, speech mark and you get an @ mark] Now the problem morphs into how to get speech or quotation marks and a star mark if ever needed!

After that run away spiel on the terrors of a Japanese keyboard I have forgotten what I as going to say after, it”s AHAAAA found spech marks it’s ………..

Seriously not taking the piss here, Am discovering random combinations that magically make punctuation marks appear.

Bit like life in Japan …… but that dear friends is another post.

Yoroshiku onegai shimasuimages (1)


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