Brick Red – Habitat for Humanity

Brick red brings back memories of a marvellous Habitat for Humanity build, I took part in, in Vietnam. Our team was a mix of Kiwis and Americans. Our leaders were my good Kiwi friend “K” and her poor unsuspecting American fiancee “L”. Little did he know that half the Kiwi crew had a hidden agenda and were just as interested in checking out the bloke who had won “K”‘s heart as they were in taking part in the build! This included his future mother in law! Brave brave man to meet his future mother in law on a hot hard build in Vietnam!

The build was an amazing experience. I made new and lasting friendships, I got to see a different side of Vietnam, not the tourism directed side but real life on the communes, we met and communicated with the locals, we laughed a lot, ate the local food, we met their livestock and pets, We worked hard and constructed some brick red walls. I have to say a reoccurring worry is that the wall may have fallen over soon after we left but we were supervised so hopefully the walls are still standing!


At the end of the day, we were exhausted and covered in brick red dust. The shower back at our hotel was blissful and the end of the day brought a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Oh and “L” got a major stamp of approval! Job well done all round!

In Response to JNW’s Colour Your World – Brick Red Challenge

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3 responses to “Brick Red – Habitat for Humanity

  1. Mates who go to Vietnam to check out a mate’s partner … legend. I’ve just realised that being out of NZ you probably haven’t seen that anti drink-driving campaign I just referenced. Oh well. Lovely photos and big ups for being a good world citizen.

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