The Three Locks of France

The “Love Locks” on the Pont des Arts in Paris. Lovers write their names on the lock, attach it to the bridge and through the key into the River Seine. Unfortunately, the weight of the locks was so much, part of the bridge’s railing collapsed leading to over one million locks weighing in at 45 tonnes to be removed!


Gridlock seems to be the prevailing pattern when looking down from the Arc de Triomphe! Crazy amount of cars seemingly at all angles on the Etoile. Chaos theory seems to rule. I heard various versions of the insurance myth with regard to driving around the Arc de Triomphe. 1) No car is insured on this piece of road. 2) You must add the extra option when purchasing insurance in order to be covered. 3) No matter who is at fault the two insurance companies pay 50/50. Insurance is a mute point for me, as I have no intention of ever driving that particular piece of road!


Canal Locks on the Canal Du Midi which was excavated in the 17th century and amazingly links the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. We stayed at Carcassone, a medieval walled city. The cruise along the canal was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon and seeing how the locks worked was fascinating.


In response to Cee’s fun foto Challenge – Locks Keys knobs and Handles

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3 responses to “The Three Locks of France

    • Thank you, The locks were amazing. seeing them in action was very exciting. I understand in theory how it works but it still seems an incredible feat of engineering! Who thinks of these things?!


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