Talented flowers in my garden.

My Family is like my garden. We work together to find shelter and peace. We are like a companion planted bed and support each other

My beautiful niece is my flower of the day! and today is her 17th birthday. She is like a beautiful flower that has been nurtured, loved and has grown over the years. She is blooming into a gorgeous talented young lady and is very much her own person. Navigating the teenage years in the wider garden has brought its challenges but she stands tall.

My sister and mum of niece is a beautiful person, artistic and talented as you can see by this gorgeous creation made to celebrate the birthday girl’s 17th. Her daughter is a talented artist in her own right too.

These photos were taken by my sister but I wanted to share them with you. 27 cupcakes decorated with roses, ranunculus, daisies and succulents, all made from butter cream icing!

I am very proud of my niece, nephews, both my sisters and my family. Just saying!

Happy Birthday on your 17th “C”  xxxxxxxxxx

Caity 17 (3)Caity 17 (1)Caity 17 (2)Caity 17 (4)

In response to Cee’s Flower of the Day

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