Just saying …….

I have decided to add a new category, “Just saying”. It is for fleeting observations and those funny little thoughts that flit through your head or one off observations that have no great meaning but hey just saying ……

This one is for Josh Wrenn of My Friday Blog in reply to his challenge in his Going Light post as i believe this may fall under the following suggested topics

  • Poop, and the wonders thereof
  • Pee, and the wonders thereof
  • Other bodily excretions, and the wonders thereof

I wrote a post a while back about Japanese toilets and the technology behind them, subtle pun intended.

A recent flight on a new 787 got me thinking about toilets and technology again. There I was at 12,800 m above sea level, hunkered down on a stainless steel throne, my bare butt exposed, quietly contemplating life and solving the problems of the world when I take a little wriggle and WHooooooooSH I set the  #%*@$ing  sensor off and that super charged sucky whooshy slurper sound blasts out of nowhere, literally scaring the crap out of me and if I had have had my pants on I would have peed them for sure! I found myself reaching for the walls, grasping for something to hold on to as I had vivid images of been sucked into the system, and given where I was sitting that would not be pleasant!  or blasted out the backside of the plane like an explosive bowel movement after a very hot Bombay curry! Definite flight fright!

What is wrong with an old fashioned flush button? Just saying ……….

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