Pink – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Funny really but I never thought of myself as a “pink” person. Sure, I burn easily without sunscreen but in terms of belongings and colour of choice I would not have thought of pink. However on a quick scan around my small room I was surprised by the amount of pink that jumped out at me. I think as I have grown older I am more drawn to bright colours like pink. There is even a tenuous link to the under lying travel theme of my blog, as many of the items accompany me on my travels.

A selection of Pink Travel Buddies

  • My trusty neck pillow has accompanied me on many a jarring bus trip or long plane ride
  • My pink pouch for my Ipod full of soothing music and an internet life line on trips.
  • My kindle loaded with reading material.
  •  A merino jacket, easy to wash, lightweight but warm when needed.
  •  A pink packing capsule, great for keeping things sorted and organised in my back pack.
  •  My sunglasses case.
  •  A scarf always a handy and versatile accessory for a long trip.
  • A pink scrubby nylon wash cloth, drys quickly, never gets smelly!
  •  Toweling head band, great for bathing time and has doubled as an ear warmer in really desperate times!

Connotations of a  “pink” personality.

Upon looking at the mighty google, I find I may fit some of the personality traits supposedly linked with pink.

I have been told I am sensitive to the needs of others and I am generous. I try to be kind and I have many friends and family whom I love dearly.

I have made many friends over the years and many through travel so I guess I am friendly and approachable.

I definitely have an optimistic and positive outlook on life and prefer to look for the good in people than focus on the bad.

While I can be very messy at home, I am methodical and organised when travelling and I am organised when it comes to deadlines at work. As the site suggest I can be prone to flippancy at times.

So there we have it. I am more pink in personality and possessions than I ever thought.

Things are never black and white in life and flashes of colour are a great thing! Here’s to a long bright and colourful life!

In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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