One word Photo Challenge: Storm

Upstate New York – Millerton

The crisp pristine calm after the storm

January 2011, After leaving NZ and having a brief stop in Brisbane (just in time for the big Brisbane storm and floods, I might add) I headed for my first major destination, New York! I love this city so much to see and do. That is another post or 3.

I was staying with good friends who had a  second home out in Millerton, Upstate New York. After a major snow storm, we headed out to check on the place and I discovered a beautiful quaint winter wonderland. We never have snow like that where I live so I had a great time building a snowman, making snow angels and sledding, as you do!. The township had a lovely cafe, bookshop, some beautiful craft work shops and a quaint old inn. I saw people ice fishing for the first time. My friend’s husband was dealing with the real reason for being there, shoveling the paths, drive and clearing the roof and guttering. I am not sure he was seeing the place in the same winter wonderland glow that his wife and I were!

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