Who is my Audience?

An interesting challenge! I have been asked to identify and write a post targeting my targeted audience.

so ……. Who is my audience? ……. Easy!

 You are my audience!

While my blog has a Japan and  Travel focus, I would hate to think that only people who had traveled could visit!

I hope my visitors and followers are a reflection of my circle of friends and family in real life!

In real life I am blessed to have friends of different nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, religious creeds, economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages, interests, political beliefs and different opinions and views. and of course I have many like minded friends too! I hope and actually feel my blog following is beginning to mirror this.

I started off in January and was a bit hung up on trying to get traffic. I googled numerous sites on how to do this and wasted a lot of time when I just should have been doing what I now really enjoy. I should have been just blogging! To quote the movie, A Field of Dreams;

If you build it and he will come

I am overjoyed that I am slowly but surely building up an audience but feel safe people! I am not targeting you! That makes it sound like I am dressed in my Khakis,toting a gun and you have a huge bulls-eye on your chest! Rather I have an open door policy. Anyone is welcome to drop in at any time. As my mum always says “come in for a cuppa and a chat”.

By Gary Larson - The Far Side

“Bummer of a Birthmark Hal” By Gary Larson – The Far Side

The process of building an audience is not only about my actual blog and it’s content, important as that is, but it is also about interacting with other bloggers. By visiting other people’s blogs, commenting and liking,  I have received return traffic and in turn some regular followers.

There are also so many chances to participate in great challenges. These have bought me great pleasure, helped me build up a fun body of work, introduced me to many other wonderful blogs of which I am now part of “the audience” and they part of mine.

 Some people will visit and chose not to follow, I respect that. I usually check out my visitors’ and followers’ sites and if it is something I am interested in reading about I will follow them. They don’t have to be following me.

To me visits are just as important as the follows. I love “one off” visitors comments just as much as my followers. From visiting lots of sites I have learnt so much regarding the blog appearance and functionality. Even if the content is not particularly to my interest I have found other bloggers to really open and helpful about how they created a certain look if you compliment on what you like about their blog.

So back to the question, Who is my targeted audience? Travelers, yes but you don’t even have to leave your house to be a traveler. People who are “travelling” their way through blogs and who are happy to come along on a ride with me through Japan and my travel memories. The whole process of building this blog is a journey of discovery for me. You are all welcome to come along!

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13 responses to “Who is my Audience?

  1. I agree with you about just going about blogging and spend less time on measuring traffic. While I like to think my ramblings are of interest to others, I am my favourite follower! I like reading what I write, and who cares about the rest.

    I do a fair bit. But … I started writing up stories specifically to add the stories to pictures for my mother. In the digital age, the photo album is a thing of the past. So I still print out my posts and give them to my 94 mum to read. The words with the photos replace the album.

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  2. Leanne, I did the same thing with regard to getting a bit hung up on traffic and wasting time trying to figure out how to get more “likes” and followers. I worried about getting posts up and the right number of posts per week etc. Then blogging became more of a chore and I didn’t have as much fun doing it. I agree completely with your philosophy and I’m much happier in the blogosphere. Bravo for you figuring this out early on. Oh, and your blog is terrific, by the way!


      • Wow! Just moments before I saw your comment, Leanne, I was trying to take deep breaths as I became so overwhelmed looking at my Japan guides. I don’t know how I can squeeze it all in! There are so many things and places I want to see (and I haven’t even asked my sister what she wants to do). We have about 8 days (not including travel) Too short!

        We know we want to do Tokyo and Kyoto, for sure. We’re thinking of Osaka, and then of course, as Americans, we feel like we need to see Hiroshima and the memorial to the absolute atrocity we committed. Also, I was thinking of Takayama because it is a sister city to Denver, Colorado, the state in which I live. I know I want to see lots of Buddhas and shrines as well — which seems easy to do. We are planning to see Mt. Fuji and bamboo. forests. We are hoping to see sumo, baseball and geishas….Yikes. I need to take deep breaths again. Do you, by the way, have any suggestions on ryokans? (I should scroll through your blog again since you’ve probably written a post about them). Is Kyoto the best place to stay in one? Will we be hemorrhaging money by doing this? I will stop now because, otherwise, I’ll be spewing questions. By the way, if you don’t want to respond in your comments section, my e-mail is sschuckglaser@msn.com


  3. I’m definitely a follower of yours, albeit recent. My own blog I’ve head since April 2014 and have only now crossed the 100 followers mark. I don’t build it in order for anybody to come but am very happy if they do, including you. And let me tell you: this is possibly my very favourite Larson of all times. 😀 Will definitely stick around. Wishing you much joy in building.

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