Muse? Who?, What? Where?

Muse, an interesting word, it’s origins in Greek and Roman Mythology. The muses were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, they are nine goddesses who preside over the arts and sciences.

Muse defined

Noun:  an imaginary being, person, or force that gives someone ideas and helps them to write, paint, or make music

Verb:  to think about something carefully and for a long time.

So here, this challenge has me musing over who, what and where my muses are.

People, travel, nature all spring to mind. In my blogging sphere things like this challenge.

I looked back over previous posts and found my second ever post on the Daily post weekly challenge.

Abroad and  Afloat

I find myself living abroad in a foreign country, immersed in a foreign culture and communicating in a foreign language.  There are times where I feel the country I am in is safe like a lifeboat but I am afloat, very isolated and a little lonely for those I love, my family.

From a distance, while afloat, lighthouses and my family represent safety. Just like a ship is guided and supported by a lighthouse, I know I always have my family’s support and know guidance is there if asked for. My family are my lighthouse, they are my beacon and will always guide me safely home.

I realised my family are my muses, my Mum, dad and sisters, wonderful people who inspire me to do my best and I try to be a good person because of them. They are my role models.

My mum and dad are supportive, welcoming, non-judgmental, tolerant and have always offered unconditional love. They welcome friends and family into their home, no matter what their race, creed or sexual orientation. They have been married for 51 years. They married young and have grown up together. When you are together for that long the whole in sickness and in health vow really is reflected in your married life together. Their bond is strong.

My sisters and I will often come out with a classic mum”ism” and laugh at each other saying ” blimey you are sounding like mum” but we know that is not a bad thing. If I could be half the woman my mum is I would be be an outstanding person.

My dad has always been my “go to man”. He offers advice and guidance without forcing it on you. You make your decision and if you chose not follow his advice and fall flat on your face, he is there to support you, offer a hug and a safe place with no recriminations after.

My sisters inspire me. They are outgoing, generous and funny. They are carers, looking after those around them, me included.

Living in Japan, I sometimes feel homesick for my muses but they are always here in my heart and only a phone call, a skype call or a plane ride away.

My folks are getting older now and tables are beginning to turn. It will soon be time for me and my sisters to step up and care for them the way they cared for us when we were younger and needed them. I hope I can do them proud. They are my muses and deserve it.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

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9 responses to “Muse? Who?, What? Where?

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  2. I haven’t yet thought about my post and after reading yours, I found your tribute to your family so inspirational and heartfelt that I cannot possibly think of something else to do.
    Being a ‘runway’ myself, I related to every word you wrote.


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