Flood – OWPC

I come from Greymouth of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is a rural area and its economy is based on primary industry. Tourism is also important.

In December 2010, I took a Japanese friend over to the “Wet Coast” It was pouring and the Grey River was threatening to break its banks. Lower areas were flooded and there was surface flooding.

It was a bitter sweet trip home. I enjoyed showing my friend around and the weather made for a wild sea and spectacular waves crashing into the Pancake Rocks. We went down to the mouth of the Grey River and I paid my respects to Billy Brennan. Billy was my father’s partner in a commercial fishing vessel. My father had sold his share of the boat the previous year and Billy was getting ready to retire.  Sadly he lost his lost his life returning home on a rough day. The Helga was wrecked coming over the bar and all on board perished.

In response to OWPC Flood

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