Precious Turquoise Moments – Trinkets and Memories #8

Cee’s Fun Foto challenge theme is turquoise this week. It fits in nicely with my own travel trinket and memories challenge so this week’s response in a double whammy.

I have numerous pictures of pristine turquoise oceans and seas, turquoise hues in landscapes and buildings but the enduring memory that came to mind was sitting on the ground after trekking around the Anapurna area for 8 days in Nepal and chatting to an old gentleman who had left his home in Tibet due to the Chinese occupation and was exiled in Nepal.

He was selling jewellery and small trinkets on a rug spread on the ground. There was no badgering to buy. I could take my time and look through his wares. It was a peaceful relaxing end to the trek. I bought this turquoise bracelet from him.

small turquoiseIMG_3291

Turquoise is classed as a semi precious stone and has been used throughout the times as decoration and jewellery. This bracelet and the memory of chatting with this very gentle man who together with his family has been through considerable hardship but still finds the time to smile and reflect on the blessings in his life is more than semi precious to me. It is  a treasured and precious memory in the physical form of a turquoise trinket. I am wearing this memory as I type this post.

In response to Cee’s Fun Foto challenge: Teal or Turquoise

In Response to Travel Trinkets and Memories #8

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