Horizontal Horizons

These travel snaps have all been chosen from a photographic feature point of view as set by Cee’s Weekly Compose Yourself Challenge. This week we are looking at Horizontal lines and horizons.

I am “a point and snap” girl of the digital age. In the days of film, I was never overly motivated as I was never patient enough to compose a shot  and “the point and snap” method was very wasteful and horribly expensive given that only a few photos in any one roll would have had any worth.

Now armed with my digital side kick I click to my hearts content and enjoy looking though my snaps for gems afterwards.

Cee’s course  has me thinking more carefully now as I point and shoot. I am finding my self taking more time and thinking about angles and tecniques. I will shoot the same  thing several different ways with Cee’s advice in mind.

Having said that, todays photos are from archives and fit the theme rather than photos taken especially with Horizontal lines and Horizons in mind.

Horizontal (6)

Serengetti Sunrise

The sunrise on the horizon leads the eye to the horizontal line and I love the light. The Giraffe is a strong vertical line which is a nice contrast to the horizontal and he splits the photo into 3rds quite nicely

Horizontal (5)

Ngorongoro Crater

The horizon between the plains and the crater wall is clear. The buffalo add another line. I like how there are three clear horizontal bands of colour.

Horizontal (3)

Springtime NZ

The fence adds a nice high horizontal line and emphasises the Daffodils are planted in a row.

Multiple Horizontals

Horizontal (1)

Hanoi – Veitnam

This was taken outside the Tomb Of Ho Chi Min. The footpath in the foreground, the line of gardeners and the fence in the background are all strong horinzontal lines.


Grand Canyon

I don’t have any cropping or adjusting software on my computer but my camera allowed me to crop this. By cropping it, I think it emphasised the length of the canyon. I like that it shows the geological lines of how the canyon has been formed over 100s of thousands of years as well as the vertical line of the canyon against the skyline.

My Favourite

Horizontal (8)


I love this photo. I love the colours and the light. I feel like a leprechaun should jump out and photo bomb it! The lake shore in the foreground, the lake and the hills give three distinct horizontal lines, I also like the lines of light on the hills in the background. This was taken in the late afternoon.

When I first saw this challenge another series of photos came to mind. I decided not to use them in this particular post as I had previously used them in a Daily Post challenge. They are photos I love so would like to share them with you as well. Please feel free to check out Drawing the Line

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


12 responses to “Horizontal Horizons

  1. I enjoyed your photos. You will be surprised what a difference it makes if you remember, or later crop, to the rule of thirds.
    Your favourite shot is very well balanced – a beautiful photo. You should get the free editing software, Pic Monkey. I have never used it, but it is recommended by WordPress. I little cropping can make a bit difference to a photo.


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