Establishing the scene.

I am once again enrolled in a Blogging University Course. This time, it is Photo 101. I can’t emphasise enough how much fun and how informative these courses are! I not only get to look at things in a different way and learn new things I get to meet the most amazing people and develop a fabulous connection based on sharing and constructive criticism and feedback.

Today’s task is to capture a street snapshot, wander your own neighbourhood or someplace new and try and capture a wide angle photo that sets up a scene.

Today’s Tip for all budding photographers from the course:

While you’re free to take a picture from any angle, try to capture an establishing shot: a wide-angle photo that sets up a scene. It might mean moving back some steps, or finding higher ground (like climbing stairs) to fit all of your scene in one shot.

In your wide shot, also think about its basic components: a foreground and a background. The foreground is the part of your scene that’s nearest to the viewer, and where you can place a subject or focal point of your picture.

My neighbourhood is waiting to be photographed and I have my camera in my bag and can’t wait to get out of school today! But while I am waiting and composing some shots in my head, I looked back at these shots from Vietnam. One thing that did strike me in my photos is I often have a series. I start with an establishing shot and then seem to zoom in on the different things that take my eye.

Street Life in Hoi An, Vietnam


While the road is in the foreground I think the focal point is the lantern shop. My eye is drawn to bright colours. I like that as I look to the left I realise there are people chatting and going about their business. I think the expanse of road helps show the shop is just a very small enterprise.

River Life in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An (1).JPG

This shot was taken from a bridge above the river. I think it shows the hustle and bustle and the sheer numbers of boats and people coming and going from riverside markets. This was the original shot. In order to make the boats and the people more of a focal point but still keep the photo wide. I cropped the river out a bit and it brought the river life more to the foreground. I thought that was quite effective. What do you think?

Hoi An 1 cropped.jpg

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)



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