Somewhat creepy not to mention expensive!

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I actually posted this back in May but I think it fits the theme so I hope it is okay to recycle!

An Outing to Akihabara

Akihabara is a district in Tokyo that is known for selling electronic goods. More recently It has become a major hub for video games, manga (Japanese comics) anime ( animation movies and goods) and computer related goods. It has become the mecca for the Otaku sub-culture which has developed in Japan.

What are Otaku ?

  1. (in Japan) a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.

One of the particular aspects of popular culture is all things to do with manga and anime, Japanese comics and animation. Otaku, young and old flock to Akihabara to buy merchandise relating to their favourite characters. The influence of otaku culture can be seen in Akihabara’s businesses and buildings as they advertise heavily to draw the otaku and have gained the district worldwide fame for its distinctive imagery.

Otaku are primarily male, and because of the nature of the medium, Akihabara contains many depictions of highly sexualized female characters. It was in a shop catering to the otaku where my friends and I saw these dolls

Manga Style Character dolls

I have to say I found these a tad creepy and a very very expensive obsession / hobby. People who buy these basically design their own doll / fetish. The choose the hair, the eyeballs, the breast size, and the sexy clothes.  From what we saw the market was aimed at young men. The dolls were mainly female but there were also boy dolls available. Although their faces were very effeminate they were recognizable as a lad because they were anatomically endowed with male sexual organs albeit much smaller than the over endowed breasts of some of the female dolls!

I have made a rough calculation using 100 yen equals $1 and as you can see these dolls are not your everyday run of the mill cabbage patch in shape, size or price! Not even Barbie can compete! These long legged, big breasted, short skirted, kick arse boot clad beauties could set you back any where from $600 through to over $1000. Serious collector / fanatic/ fetish material only!

Not something I would spend this kind of money on! What do you think?

Only in Japan!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


14 responses to “Somewhat creepy not to mention expensive!

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  2. There is some kind of art in lifestyly in this Otaku culture, but still I find the dolls to be absolutely creepy.

    I wouldn’t want to find myself in a room full of those sexy big eyed dolls!


  3. This was always the sort of thing that got me about Japan. So much of the society is conservative and conformed yet then there’s the strange completely weird stuff that happens as well …almost like an outlet from the conformity.


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