Thursday Doors #13 Copan Honduras

Honduras was our next stop in Central America. Judging by the big gun our driver kept under his seat and the even bigger gun on the hotel reception desk the first place we stayed at was not the safest town. Needless to stay we arrived late, ate dinner and went to bed without out taking many pictures!

Copan however, is a well-known tourist destination made famous by the Mayan ruins.. Even though we felt a lot safer there,  the tour we were on really only allowed a half day to explore so L and S and I opted to stay an extra day and catch up with the group a day later. We made the most of our time with a very leisurely look around the ruins and a visit to the Macaw Mountain bird park which was a refuge for hurt or stressed birds.

Copan, the town


The ruins and the Museum

This lovely wee gaucho showed us around, we didn’t really have a clue what he was saying but we enjoyed his company!

Birds and their doors at the Macaw Mountain Bird Park

In response to Norm 2.0‘s Thursday Doors.

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14 responses to “Thursday Doors #13 Copan Honduras

  1. It looks lovely! I went to the island of Roatan which belongs to Honduras last year and visited a Nature Park while there, we had a great time. I didn’t have the opportunity to spend an extra day which would have been fun.

    We learned after getting home that there’s a travel advisory out about theft, and armed robberies in Honduras. I think jobs and careers are scarce there. I’m glad you were safe and had a great time.

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    • We were safe, like you I wasn’t really aware of the dangers until our driver pulled over for a toilet stop and headed down the road to a handy bush with a shorn off shotgun that appeared from under his seat! It was an eye boggling moment!


  2. Nice shot. Though I haven’t been yet, Central America has a lot that interests me in terms of history and architecture. Although, with heavily-armed taxi drivers and hotel clerks…maybe not just yet for me 😉

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    • lol it is the time difference. I started trying to figure out when Thursday was for my various challenges in relation to me but got very confused to dcided to post same time if possible on my thursday and then link up when the challenges started rolling in!

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