This elicited a massive guffaw

It is 1 a.m in the morning, I am procrastinating about going to bed so here I am postulating on WordPress or should I say post-lating.


A recent email from elicited a guffaw, a loud and hearty laugh or in somewhat less dynamic terms a “lol”.

Grammarly provides wonderful spell check and grammar check which works well on WordPress and is well utilised by me. They send me a “Weekly Progress Report” which generated another chuckle as I was not aware I was using it to make any kind of progress! My lexicon has apparently been deemed dynamic and unique according to and I have allegedly improved 16% on last week!

However,  I suspect Grammarly has been fooled, not by my prowess with the use of the English language but rather, by my use the British spelling of words such as colour or favourite. Perhaps too, the various variations ( spelling aberrations or a unique way of saying mistakes!) of exotic place names and Japanese words have fooled the erudite word checker of Grammarly into believing my mastery of the vernacular is worthy of an accolade.

They also told me I am 90% more active than other Grammarly users. This may well be indicative of an addiction to blogging and my activity must indeed extrapolate itself into more words, so surely I am working at an unfair advantage.

Now as it nears 1.30a.m, I find the statistics running through my head and all the different spins one can read into them are turning into something like the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.Three things are undoubtedly incontestable;

  1. I find these “weekly progress reports” ridiculously funny.
  2. The “weekly progress reports” make superb fodder for a tongue in cheek post.
  3. I find myself slipping into a state of torpor as the sandman calls me to slumberland, plainly put, I need to go to bed!

Just Saying!

Night night, sweet dreams

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