“Old Man” Chair

I took these particular photos for the Photo 101 course I am doing. They are in response to Day 7 Big and Point of View, I thought too, they fit in well with Cee’s Fun Foto challenge’s theme which is outdoor seating this week.

Every day, on my way to work I pass this old and somewhat dilapidated chair. It is warped by the sun and rain, bent like an old man, the leather is worn, dry and cracked like the wrinkles on a farmer used to long hard days planting rice in the sun. Well that is my point of view.

Chair 1.jpg

The actual chair is not that big, a regular dining room chair, cast outside to weather the conditions. But surely “big” is purely a point of view. Imagine you are the ant I almost trod on while photographing this “old man” chair. Your point of view would be very different! This sad old chair in transformed to an unclimbable giant’s throne.

Chair 2.jpg

The toddler and father walking hand in hand to the day care centre, pass this “old man” What is their point of view?  The toddler sees a chair too big to scramble on without help and the father sees an old chair too rickety to sit on. It is all in your point of view.


And the “old man” with the bent back and the wobbly legs, what does he see as he sits observing the world as it passes him on this busy wee Tokyo street? He sees me going to work, the toddler and the father going to daycare, he sees my students running to school as the school chime sounds and the gate begins to close, he sees bicycles and the cafe across the road. He sees it all because he is now an outdoor seat.

Chair 4


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