Future Travels

One thing I can be sure is in my future is more travel. One of my stalwart travel buddies and I are just in the exciting process of planning a trip to South America. We are going to check out the Galapagos Islands, Easter Islands, Iguazu Falls and go hiking down in Patagonia over Christmas and the New Year.

I have also just booked a spur of the moment trip to Orlando, Florida where I will meet my old friend, her husband and my two wonderful godchildren. They are coming over from the UK and I will fly from Japan to meet them for 10 days of theme land filled fun! While there we also hope to visit the Kennedy Space Center which got me thinking about possible future trips involving space travel!

Who knows? Perhaps one day, I could look out of the window from my seat and see the earth

Maybe the rocket or my space station accommodation will be manned by a small but rather jocular robot or a lifelike android who stays calm under any situation.

Who knows what the future will bring!

In response to Where’s my Backpack’s weekly Travel theme Challenge – Future

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