Santa Monica, Venice Beach – One Word Photo Challenge – HOT

Hot!  Hot sizzling curries, spices in India, all come to mind but foremost are the long hot lazy days of summer spent at the beach and in the sun as a kid and adolescent.

Although the beach scene is a little different at home, not so developed, these images from Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Muscle Beach in California bring back those youthful memories. They also make me think of my sister and her family who are living in California now and enjoying the beach lifestyle and hot days.

Hot,  take a mixture of Sun, sand, deckchairs, sun umbrellas, sunscreen, the sea, bright colours, blue skies, street performers, walks along the beach, hot girls and guys, youthfulness and it all adds up to a wonderful summer.

In response to One Word Photo Challenge:Hot

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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