Life in the Desert – OWPC – Sandstorm

Sandstorm – got me brainstorming. I have pictures of storms, sandwiches and deserts. I decided to go with desert.

While any one trip has never been about visiting a particular desert, the desert has been the highlight of many a trip. I have been to Ayers Rock and the Red Centre of Australia, the Kalahari desert and the Namib Desert in Botswana and Namibia, the Sahara in Morocco and the Thar in India.

For places so arid, dry and supposedly barren they are full of life. People forge a life there in the most difficult conditions. I met Aboringinals, Bushmen, Bedouins and the Masai in the Masai Mara. While I have no actual sandstorm pictures I am sure they have lived through many.

In response to the OWPC Sandstorm

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