Wisdom in Quotes

I enjoy reading quotes.

They can be thought provoking, inspirational, humourous, wise or poignant.They can generate emotion, discussion and debate.

The snow melts somewhere invited be to take part in this quote challenge.

The challenge:

Post a quote for 3 consecutive days.


~ Thank the person who nominated you
~ Pass the “golden whisk” on to 3 people

I am very honoured to take part. Thank you!

But first I must say I am hopeless at following rules so my first post was yesterday, it contained 2 quotes. I have so many bloggers that I love and know would have some great quotes that I can’t chose 3 so I am leaving it as an open invite. Please post a link on my page so I can enjoy your shared wisdom. Mmmn maybe I am not so much a rule breaker as a procrastinator!

My second day’s quote is from the Dalai Lama. I am sure many of you have seen this before but is is so true! I often wonder at how such a small seemingly unassuming man has so much wisdom.


So people, take his words to heart. Treasure your, family and friends. Live a life like these somewhat cliched sayings and seize the day, stop and smell the roses and don’t wait until the boat sails. It’s a big wide world out there and there is so much to discover, experience and enjoy.

So what are you waiting for?!

Just saying!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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